TRC Studios
9/79 - 5/81


Late in 1979, Gary Schatzlein (owner of TRC) visited my home studio (Music Lab) with his friend whom I was recording. A few weeks later, I called him to tour TRC, and a few weeks after that, I was hired as Chief Engineer.

Soon after I started, TRC was renovated (pictured right), and I assisted in the installation of the new automated Harrison console. It was my first experience in large system installations, and the first time I was introduced to the magic of proper grounding habits.

As Chief Engineer, I was responsible for conducting all sessions, and maintaining all equipment. It was here I developed my "ears" and really learned how to "listen".

Gary Schatzlein taught me well. (thanks Gary!)


 TRC Control Room after the 1980 upgrade.

TRC control room circa 1980

 Late 1980, I was invited by the local AES chapter to give a dissertation on automated mixing, since TRC was the first (and at that time the only) studio in Indianapolis to use computer assisted mixing.

I created a demonstration by filling the 24 track with music, and then loaded up the quiet moments on each track (between musical passages) with miscellaneous sound effects. Without the automation, it was nearly impossible to mix this song, but when the computer took control, the mix was virtually flawless.

 Yeah, that's me...  giving a lecture on computer assisted mixing
AES presentation held in TRC Studio A

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