1981 Showco

I moved to Dallas Texas where I began working for Showco. My position was Home-Technician in the electronics department. I was responsible for repairing all the electronic sound equipment between tours.

Often I would fabricate new products for the engineers to use.


Showco was (and I'm sure, still is) on the cutting edge of touring sound equipment. They built the first portable large-frame mixing console in the world. They also invented and manufacture Vari-Lights.

I really cut my teeth at that place. I consider those years as further education, as much as it was a job.

Clay Powers & I evaluate the new Harrison Touring console
 Clay Powers & I test the new Harrison Console

Repairing a Crown PSA-2 at the original "Super Bench".

 Me repairing a Crown amp at the world's first "Super Bench"

Main speaker cabinets between tours.
 Showco main speaker cabinets between tours


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