Music Lab Control Room
Control Room of Music Lab
 For Christmas 1978, my father announced that he would help me make a studio in the basement  - "The right way". All through January we worked on the walls and ceiling in the basement to make "Music Lab".

I used the money I earned from my Wurlitzer job to constantly upgrade the equipment. It went from a two track, to four track, to eight track studio in just over one year.

It was through this intensive experience that I landed the position of Chief Engineer at TRC Studios.

The highlight of the Music Lab clientele was undoubtedly the Kenny Edmonds (a.k.a. BabyFace) sessions. We recorded about 7 of his songs over a two month period.

I never achieved that level of recording at Music Lab again.

The Kenny Edmonds sessions
Kenny Edmonds, Midnight Star, & John Gunnell

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