Cornstock Folk Festival

In the summer of 1996, I recorded the live folk festival "Corn Stock" for Mark Butterfield.

It was held for two days at Southeastway Park, just outside Indianapolis.

The multitrack recordings were later mixed in my living room (Evergreen Studios) and released on CD.


the Cornstock CD cover
The rented RV also known as....  the PROFIT!!!!




The rented RV     (a.k.a."the profit")

Me and my friends Stephe & Stacey hang a mic
Hangin' the crowd mics with my friends Stephe & Stacey
The CD cover John signed for me.
John Gorka, one of the featured artists.
"If This Van's Folkin'.... Don't Be Knolkin'"
" If this van's Folkin'.... Don't be knolkin' "
Andy Symons at the helm
Andy Symons, Assistant Engineer


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